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Friday, September 29, 2017

SG card sketch challenge

from the April issue, link in previous post

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

challenge layout and fall cards

The layout is based on a sketch from the April issue of  Create  https://issuu.com/sgcreate/docs/create_-_issue_4_-_april_2014

I made these Thanksgiving cards for a holiday card challenge

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

sketch challenge

Tag and card sketches from the March issue of Create https://issuu.com/sgcreate/docs/create_-_issue_1_-_march_2014


tag and layout sketches from the April issue  https://issuu.com/sgcreate/docs/create_-_issue_4_-_april_2014

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Make a pop-up gift card holder

Note: You want sturdy paper but the thicker your paper, the more bulky it will be inside your card. Do a trial run on scrap paper to be sure you got your opening right.

Start with 4 x 5.5 inch piece of paper. Score down the middle of the 4" side so when folded, it will be 2 x 5.5

On a large circle die (a larger die will not cut the curve down so far), measure and mark off with a sharpie where a line will be about 3.75 inches across. I use the back side of the die and cut facing down. Or use your gift card to get an idea of the size opening you need. Remember, your cut line is not the inner edge of your die.

Fold your paper in half on the score line and place marked die on top lining up your marks with the folded edge. Eyeball centering (mine was about 7/8 inch from each edge). And run through machine. (using a stitched die, the other side is not going to have nice stitch marks. Just make that the back side in your card. It won't really be noticed anyway.)

Unfold and die cut each long edge with a scalloped border. You could do this part folded and get both sides at once but doing it unfolded will keep the stitch lines for both edges.

Next, you will score lines a little above the scalloped edge (ignore the measurement on the top of the score board). Do it folded first so it leaves an impression on the other half and you'll have them in the same place. Then open the paper and go over each line again so you will have 2 good score lines.

Fold your edges up.

On the inside of your card, adhere one scalloped edge fold along the fold line of your card. Then adhere the other scalloped edge next to it. Put your 'good' stitched edge of the opening facing the bottom panel that you see when opening the card.

TADA! Quite easy.

And here's the front.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

jingle bells card/gift card holder

Lawn Fawn had a new release of a die the makes a pop up gift card holder for a card. I really didn't need it (we don't do GC much) but I thought it was a neat idea and I love seeing if I can do it myself. It was simple enough to do with a scalloped border die I have and an in/out stitched circle die. I was going to do it with an oval but I don't have a stitched oval that puts the stitches on the outside of the cut. You can do it without stitches, but I was trying to duplicate the LF die.

I would note it's best not to use really thick paper for this pop up. I used holographic posterboard which is a bit thick to use inside a card.